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Emails have become a part and parcel of our daily lives with us constantly looking at our mobile phones or sitting in front of a computer responding to emails during most of our productive hours.

Interesting to note is that Email Traffic rises exponentially to a level where you might lose track of who has sent which email. This makes following standards and keeping proper email etiquette quite important for us as well as the recipients. Lets identify a few ways to keeping things simple and organized to increase your email productivity. 

Emailing Tips and Tricks

1. Writing proper emails:

For an Email with good impact, it should always have a Subject Line definitive enough making the recipient open the email in the first place. Stating the point of the email early in the message body is important since we don’t want to lose the readers attention making them skip the mail.

a) Short and concise: Long and detailed Emails can be exhausting to the recipients, increasing the chances of them ignoring the last few sections of the message. This may sometimes lead to important information being missed causing confusion and errors.

b) Specific Subject line: Adding proper Subject’s to mails is required so that our mails are noticed by our recipients. These can also be flagged by tags using Urgent: or Important: before the start of the Subject line. 

2. Business Mailing Solutions:

Even after doing everything right with the way we write our mails, we might lose track of mails due to the sheer number of mails we receive on a daily basis.

a) Google Apps and Office 365: have built-in Intelligence with features like Spam/Junk mailbox to route suspicious mails out of your way.Also,  Mail Management techniques like Priority Inbox on Gmail and Clutter on Outlook help sort mails according to its importance.

3. Use Add Ons:

To help users be more efficient with their Emails, there are several Add Ons available on the Chrome Web Store allow achieve features and options not natively available with the Cloud Emailing Solutions.

a) Yesware for example is an amazing application which provides Templates which can be used while composing Emails while also tracking the delivery of the Emails. Another mentionable add on is Boomerang, this allows you to compose mails and attach a Schedule to it, making the mail to be sent at the Scheduled time.


b) Wunderlist and Any.Do: both of these apps let you use your Internet Browser while also syncing your Tasks to your Mobile Devices, which makes switching between devices easier and having synchronized content across devices.


c) Hangouts & Lync: Minimizes the Email Traffic between users, allowing you to convey small messages quickly, through chat. Simply ping your contacts rather than drafting a mail to them. This allows you get answers to small requests instantly and does not add an extra mail to your inbox.


Email Add Ons help you to manage your mails in an efficient way. Simple and subtle changes in the way we manage our mails can help us increase our efficiency to a great extent, and minimize the time we spend trying to organize our inbox. Initially, to set up the right tools, may take some time and effort, however once using these Add Ons becomes a habit, you will Increase your productivity, thus increasing your time for other tasks.

If you are a business without any mailing solution its time to move to a cloud based email platform such as Google Apps and or Office 365.

Take the time to understand your Mailing solution.