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Zoho Desk, Customer Support System

Zoho Desk is web-based help desk software that gives you the ability to manage your customer support activities efficiently. Zoho Desk allows you to assign, track and set up alerts on help desk tickets easily. You can customize Zoho Desk for your business and ensure satisfaction in your customer support experience.

Put customer service at the heart of your company. Zoho Desk is the industry’s first context-aware help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer.

Zoho Desk features

Support Customers & Users in a Structured Way


Close tickets. Open happiness.

Zoho Desk gives your team the best tools to help customers while automating frequent tasks that otherwise take up precious time.

Don't improvise. Improve

With Zoho Desk, identify the right trends and patterns in your team's efforts, make improvements, and inspire better performance.

One company. One team.

Zoho Desk helps bring together employees from across departments, to give customers a truly unified customer service experience.

Convenience is key.

When your customers want to reach out, be available for them over a variety of channels - email, phone, live chat, social media and more.

Self-help is the best help.

Equip customers so they can find answers to questions on their own and help their peers in the true spirit of a community.

Your help desk, truly yours

Zoho Desk understands the uniqueness of your business, lets you customize and integrate it with other apps.

Why choose Gulf Infotech, Your Cloud Partner

Over 1500 Cloud Customers

We currently have more than 1000 Cloud Customers and this number is growing at a fast pace with Gulf Infotech’s heavy focus on Cloud Solutions and its subject matter expertise.

High Customer Service

After sales support is what Gulf Infotech relies on. We believe giving the best Customer Service is key to getting more business and maintaining great relations with our customers.

15+ Years of Cloud Experience

Our knowledge into cloud technologies is built over 15+ years of cloud focused solution consultation & services. This makes us beautifully understand your needs.

Business Consultation

We specialize in helping you with solutions that meet your business needs that can help improve productivity by infusing processes defined by latest technologies and solutions

Cost Effective Propositions

Solutions built by Gulf Infotech delivers great value for money with optimized return on investments using cloud propositions while compared to traditional solutions.

Security Focussed

Adopting cloud solutions are not the only key in securing your organization. We deliver cloud solutions with its necessary security implementations and upkeep strategies .

Centralize Issues & Achieve Fast Resolutions

With Gulf Infotech’s Zohodesk Specialization, you will get the ability to manage your customer support activities efficiently. We are Trained Partners & Solutions Providers with Zoho for delivering their Services/Solutions using the Processes we have built over the last 10 years of Delivering Cloud Solutions to our Customers.

Our Implementation Strategy includes Training of the End Users on Zohodesk along with the Admin Console Training for the Administrators of the Company so that Users can make full use of the Solution that they are going to use.

We have a Dedicated Support Team who provides After Sales Services like Support & Configuration Guidance on the Products/Services Subscribed by our Customers. All our Zohodesk Consultants & Engineers are Trained by Zoho which gives us the edge in understanding Customer Requirements and aligning the Solution with the Business Needs.

Gulf Infotech believes in maintaining strong and long lasting relationships with its Customers and currently has over 500 Cloud Customers across UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait & Qatar.

Zoho Desk FAQ

What browsers does Zoho Desk support?

Zoho Desk is a web-based help desk software that only requires an operating system that can run the latest compatible web browsers. That said, we recommend that you keep your computer up to date with the latest browser versions. By running an older browser you’ll probably be missing out on useful and cool new Zoho Desk features that newer browsers support.

Can end users view all tickets raised by their organization?

End users can view all tickets submitted by their company in your help center. This is particularly useful when you have multiple contacts submitting tickets from the same account, or the account’s managers want to view a list of tickets raised by their company. Such tickets can be viewed within the My Area tab of the Help Center.

How to close tickets automatically?

Using Supervisor rules, you can have Zoho Desk close tickets automatically after a certain period or when their status is changed. This means your agents won’t have to lift a finger to remove old tickets out of their queue. It is particularly useful if you choose to close solved tickets after a certain number of days or have tickets waiting indefinitely for customer response or receive automated emails that create unwanted tickets in your help desk.

Can a chat alert be sent to agents for specific events?

Yes, you can. Apart from the regular notifications that get sent through emails and SMS’es you can also send out alerts through the chat channel if you’ve enabled the Zoho Cliq integration in Desk.

Can I add my signature in tickets?

You can add your custom signature in the reply emails sent from Zoho Desk, and get connected with your customers in real time. The signatures can be added either department-wise or commonly for all departments.

Great customer service shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg