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Mimecast Security

A cloud based email security and compliance platform to bolster cyber resilience. Mimecast security provides a platform of email cloud services for advanced business email management solving the security challenges posed by an evolving landscape of threats.

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Mimecast Security Features


URL Protection

URL Protect service provides multistep detection and blocking of malicious URLs, including pre-click URL discovery, on-click inline employee education and post-click resolution and blocking of dangerous files types.

Impersonation Protection

Mimecast helps to defend email impersonation through Real-time scanning of all inbound emails to detect header anomalies, domain similarity, sender spoofing and clearly marked alerts on delivered emails.

Internal Email Protection

Internal Email Protect scans attachments and URLs for malware and malicious links, as well as content inspection enabled by Data Leak Prevention and it can automatically delete infected emails.

Ransomware Protection

Unlike vendors of standalone security or backup products, Mimecast tackles ransomware with a layered cyber resilience solution; bringing together protection, continuity, archiving, and recovery capabilities for your email from a single cloud solution.

Email Archiving & Continuity

It ensures continuity when primary email systems are offline. Customizable thresholds let administrators monitor inbound and outbound email. Anytime, anywhere access to archive data improves employee productivity and workflow efficiency.

Attachment Protect

Attachment Protect service provides multiple layers of defense against potentially malicious email attachments, balancing speed of delivery with detection efficacy.The ability to convert Office and PDF files to a safe file format for immediate delivery to employees.

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