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Use Gmail Filter to avoid emails getting Spam

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. Click the down arrow in your search box. A window that allows you to specify your search criteria will appear.
  3. 2015-05-24_1035.png
  4. Enter your search criteria. If you want to check that your search worked correctly, click the search button.
  5. Click Create filter with this search at the bottom of the search window. If you need to verify the search results, you can click the x to collapse the filter options. Clicking the down arrow again will bring the window back with the same search criteria you entered.
  1. Choose the action(s) you want the filter to take.
  2. 2015-05-24_1036.png
  3. To keep organized, many people like to have incoming messages automatically labeled and removed from their inbox until they can look at them later at a more convenient time. If you want to do this, make sure to select Skip the Inbox (Archive it) and Apply the label: when you create your filter.
  4. Click the Create filter button.

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