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Transfer or migrate email data from one user to another

In this example:
– Objective: Admin needs to transfer/migrate email data from Jojo to Dipesh.
– Source account is:
– Destination account is:
– Source account should be active (Not suspended) and IMAP should be enabled.

Visit and login with super admin user account.
Select “Migrations” from the dashboard (Check in “More Controls” if not on the Dashboard)

Now Select “Email” and select “Continue”2015-11-25_1930_001
Now select “Gmail” and select “Connect”2015-11-25_1932
Now define the “date range” of how old email data you wish to migrate and select “Select Users”2015-11-25_1933
Now chose the “destination user” from the User list and type the email address of the source in “IMAP Email” and select “Authorize”


Now right click on the “this link” in the pop up box and paste it to the other browser or in “IncoGnito mode” (Ctrl + Shift + N)

Now login to the “source” user account and select “Allow”2015-11-25_1939
This will generate code, copy that code and paste into the Migration window form admin console.2015-11-25_1939_001
And press “OK”

Now click “Play”

Now you can monitor the process of your migration task.


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