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Spam Control in Google Apps.

SPAM emails are not the specific emails which we can block or restrict in one change.

To control the SPAM we have to use the group of options and the policy to limit as much as possible with help of following 3 Stages.

Stage 1 (User side):
First of all we need the user awareness in this, The email address is the just like your mobile number. As much as you spread/share that you may get more SPAM or unwanted emails on it.

  • For further user has the 3 places where the user can guide Gmail itself to scale the emails for the user choice. Report Spam and report phishing, and Block unwanted email sender. This 3 option train user Gmail account about how to deal the similar emails in future.
  • Even if, above 3 options are not helping you, then report the issue to the admin with below mentioned easy steps as below.
    Steps: Open email -> Select more -> select show original -> save page in notepad -> and send that to the admin.
  • Refer this image to get the location of this option in your Gmail:


Stage 2 (Admin side):
– In Google Apps we have a such a great features to fight with this type of emails, just like below.

The combination of this feature helps us to configure the set of policy and rule to terminate infected emails and put them in quarantine or reject instantly.

Out of the BOX (3rd Party Solution):

As long as it’s spreading from a new Domain names and IP addresses each time, Google or any email system cannot block completely unless there are specific gateways to block like real time web scanner or a product like Mimecast does. Kindly note even this cannot give you guarantee that you will not receive SPAM email further, but gives more better result comparatively.

Kindly refer Google help article for more details (

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