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Generate Backup code for 2-step verification enforced user

  • Steps for Admin to Generate Backup code:
  1. Login to Google Apps admin console at “”.
  2. Open the user profile/ account from Dashboard > Users > Jojo Varghese
  3. Scroll down the user Profile/ account page and select “Show more”
  4. Scroll down slightly again and select “Security”
  5. In security tab you will see the 2-step verification for the user account.
  6. Select “show backup verification codes” and select “Generate new codes”.


7. Now share only one code with the user.

8. So the user can use code to login the account and turn on 2-step authentication.

9. Each backup code can be used once only.

  • Login Steps for User:
  1. Login to the Google Apps mail account at “”
  2. Once you entered correct username and password, user will be prompted to enter backup code.
  3. Enter the backup code we generated above/ or shared by the admin.


4. Once after successful login immediately Configure 2-step verification:

5. Backup code can be used once only.

6. LINK: Configure 2-step verification.

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