Force bulk user to reset password on next login

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– This method does not suitable for SSO enable Organizations.
– Kindly make sure of the action, as this will affect everyone in the domain.
– You may need to split the user as the maximum bulk upload limit is 300 to 500 users per CSV
– This will be a manual process and can be performed on any specific date you wish to deploy the force password change for users.

  1. Login to the with the Admin account.
  2. Under USERS select add user button.


  1. Select second option “Add/update users”
  2. Check the “pre-populate”
  1. Now download the sample file with existing user details.

  1. Edit the file with users details excluding password and save the file in same “.csv” format.


  1. Check “require user to change password”
  2. Select the file which we have updated on step 7
  3. Upload.

11. We are done, you must have received the email with a report for the same.