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Add VPN in Android mobile

Add VPN in Android mobile

1. Enter the settings menu

L2TP 1

2. Click More settings

L2TP 2

3. Then select VPN


4. If you do not have a screen lock set up for your phone you will be asked to do so as Android won’t allow you set up a PPTP or L2TRP connection without one. It’s a good precaution anyway, in case you lose your phone or have it stolen. If you already have a screen lock set up on your S3 then you can miss the next couple of steps.


5. We went for a pretty screen unlock pattern.

L2TP 5

6. But there is always a backup PIN number just in case.

LT2P 6

7. Setting up the VPN is a simple matter of entering details provided by your VPN provider. This stage is a bit simpler with PPTP as you don’t need to enter a long case-sensitive IPsec pre-shared key. When you are finished, select Save.

LT2P 7

8. In the VPN screen, select on the VPN connection you want.

LT2P 8

9. Enter your VPN customer details.


10. And ta-da! You are connected! If you select the connection, then some more details will appear. You can also always see whether you are connected via VPN by looking for the key icon in the Notification Bar (top left).

L2TP 10

End of the document.

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