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Add additional licenses from CSS Portal

  1. Visit this link: and Login with Google (g+)
  2. For non-Google user can use Username and Password. Refer this
    link. 2015-11-24_1045
  3. Select the appropriate account/company/Domain from the top drop down menu.
  4. Select “Additional user requests” at the bottom of the left side menu bar.
  5. Select blue button of “Request for additional Users” at the top-left side of the screen.2015-11-24_1047
  6. Select the Line item (Product)
  7. Define the activation date (Mostly todays date)
  8. Select Quantity
  9. Put Notes (mandatory) for the order (Remark or any comment can help you to recall your order details in the future)
  10. And Press “Add” and now you can add other line items if you need them
  11. Or just press “Save” (you can “Cancel” it any time if any wrong entry got added)2015-11-24_1050
  12. Done (Wait for 5 minutes to propagate the system logs to Google server and check the Subscription for changes)

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