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Acronis Cloud Backup

Backing up of your primary data is one of the the most important tasks a Business would have to maintain its smooth operations. With Acronis Cloud Backup, we deliver a worry free backup mechanism which facilitates seamless retention of your Local Data over the Acronis Cloud.

Companies in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait & Bahrain have highly benefited from the Efficient and Multi Workload Backup Facilities provided by Acronis and its Cloud Backup Technologies.

Gulf Infotech provides efficient Training, Implementation & Support for all the Acronis Cloud Solutions in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait & Bahrain.

Effortless Data Protection

Backup Data with Ease & Flexibility


Complete Business Protection

Protect all your important business workloads with Acronis Cloud Backup compatibility with backing up Windows & Linux servers, any hypervisors, PCs, Macs, SQL Servers, iOS & Android devices

Easy Backup Management

Being completely cloud, Acronis allows you to manage backups, users as well as the most important sector for backup's which is restoration. You would be able to view backups and its status easily for peace of mind.

Fast Recovery of Backups

Achieve recovery time objectives of about 15 seconds or less by starting your Windows or Linux servers directly from your storage and recovered on VMware virtual machines, No data movement is required.

File Level Restore for Image Backup

Irrespective of your backup method, you will be able to restore files and folders by simply accessing the cloud backup console and restoring or downloading the file which you need for business continuity.

Built for Cloud & On Premises

Acronis cloud technologies are built cloud first and for backing up your data on the Acronis Cloud. However, we understand you may need a backup locally, with Acronis Cloud, you can chose where your backup is stored, on cloud or locally.

Flexible Backup Scenario's

Configure the backup scenario easily with a cloud based admin console with the ability to backup at a file or image level. You would also be able to backup your Office 365 mailboxes to a cloud storage or locally on your premises.

Why choose Gulf Infotech, Your Cloud Partner

Over 1500 Cloud Customers

We currently have more than 1000 Cloud Customers and this number is growing at a fast pace with Gulf Infotech’s heavy focus on Cloud Solutions and its subject matter expertise.

High Customer Service

After sales support is what Gulf Infotech relies on. We believe giving the best Customer Service is key to getting more business and maintaining great relations with our customers.

15+ Years of Cloud Experience

Our knowledge into cloud technologies is built over 15+ years of cloud focused solution consultation & services. This makes us beautifully understand your needs.

Business Consultation

We specialize in helping you with solutions that meet your business needs that can help improve productivity by infusing processes defined by latest technologies and solutions

Cost Effective Propositions

Solutions built by Gulf Infotech delivers great value for money with optimized return on investments using cloud propositions while compared to traditional solutions.

Security Focussed

Adopting cloud solutions are not the only key in securing your organization. We deliver cloud solutions with its necessary security implementations and upkeep strategies .

Backup Important Data on Cloud or Locally

Cloud Data Backup has become very popular with local companies within Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait. This is not only because of its highly cost effective solution model but also because of its reliability and multi workload Support. Acronis Cloud Backup has facilities.

Acronis Cloud Backup restores data faster with RTOs that attest Acronis Cloud is twice as fast as the closest competitor. This along with its capability to backup Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Office 365 along with SQL Servers and other Mission Critical Workloads helps Acronis Cloud Backup Solution be a strong Cloud Backup Solution in the Industry and Locally within Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait.

With Gulf Infotech’s Acronis Cloud Backup Specialization, you will be able to easily backup your existing End User Machines, Servers, Office 365 & Mobile Devices while being worry free about Data Protection and Restoration Mechanisms. We are Trained & Certified Partners & Solutions Providers with Acronis for delivering their Services/Solutions using the Processes we have built over the last 10 years of Delivering Cloud Solutions to our Customers.

Our Implementation Strategy includes Training of the Administrators on Acronis Backup Technologies, its Facilities and Restoration Techniques along. We help organizations make full use of the Solution that they are going to use.

We have a Dedicated Support Team who provides After Sales Services like Support & Configuration Guidance on the Products/Services Subscribed by our Customers. All our Acronis Cloud Backup Consultants & Engineers are Trained and certified by Acronis which gives us the edge in understanding Customer Requirements and aligning the Solution with the Business Needs.

Gulf Infotech believes in maintaining strong and long lasting relationships with its Customers and currently has over 500 Cloud Customers across UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait & Qatar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup (aka cloud computer backup) is when you make a copy of your files, applications, virtual machines or servers and store them safely on a remote network of computing resources that you access via the internet.
“The cloud” refers to that network of connected computer resources

How secure are cloud backup services?

Data security begins with the solution itself. For Acronis, that means you can rely on an integrated, machine-learning-based self-defense, which guards against zero-day ransomware attacks. This self-protection mechanism keeps Acronis software, your data, and all backup files protected from ransomware – even those strains that have never been seen before. Meanwhile, enterprise-grade encryption defends your data in-transit and at rest in the secure Acronis Cloud. As a result, only you have access to your data. Finally, your cloud-based files are safe in our data centers, which are all Tier-IV designed and have numerous certifications, including SSAE-18, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

How does cloud backup service pricing typically works?

When it comes to the cost of cloud backup services, you’ll invest in both the software solution(s), as well as the cloud storage you use. There are two primary approaches to cloud storage pricing: fixed rate and per-use. Per-use is typically based on gigabytes (GB) needed, which are allocated by range such as 20-50GB, 50-100GB, etc. This means that you only pay for the services you need.

How does Acronis price cloud backup services?

Acronis offers a flexible pricing model so customers can choose the software license that makes sense for them, which is paired with the cloud storage needed. While Acronis’ solutions support public and private cloud storage, Acronis Cloud Storage is also available and easily scales to meet your needs. As little as 5GB of Acronis Cloud Storage is available to begin covering an unlimited number of workstations, servers, virtual hosts and mobile devices. Pricing is set in tiers thereafter: 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and so forth. As you scale, the pricing for cloud backup services becomes increasingly cost efficient.

Backup Your Server or User Data with Acronis