Streamline your support and make customers happy


Your customers are your gold mine, so keep them at the top of your priorities. Freshbooks allows your team to work on a shared inbox to collaborate and resolves issues without getting into each others way.  Every email becomes a ticket in helpdesk and can be easily tracked while the IT support team work on resolving them. FreshDesk is Easy to set up and can be up and running in no time.

Set time goals, and ticket priorities, so that no customer goes without IT support. If a ticket has been pending past its set time goal the agent will be notified. Also, make sure your customers know why you are not answering them; custom set your business hours so your customers know when to expect support.

Mobile Accessibility

Continue working from wherever you are, as FreshDesk offers a free ios & Android App.

Web Accessibility

Access your HelpDesk from a web browser on any device, allowing you to increase your daily productivity.

Preformat replies

Do not repeat responses to common questions and queries, create templates and pre formatted responses.

Unique collaborative ticketing system

Allows your team to work together and efficiently while satisfying your end users.

Our Team of Certified developers can help you to configure Freshdesk in order to meet your business needs. Our experience in handling APIs and its Integration plays a major role if in case an existing API Enabled System needs to be integrated to Freshdesk.