Accelerate your Cloud Success with Rich Platform Services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Service is a Pioneer in Cloud Infrastructure Services, and we want to let you have access to it! As an AWS partner in the UAE, headquartered out of Oman and branched in to Dubai, we have intentions to serve the areas with effective Cloud solutions.

AWS offers Solutions which allow applications to start small but expand to greater capacities when the need arises.This lets you settle down with your Applications and test the waters before committing to a future on the Cloud. Amazon’s EC2 allows you to fire up a Server with specifications you chose within minutes, no waiting for delivery of Servers anymore!

Amazon Web Services offers cloud website hosting solutions that provides businesses, with a flexible, highly scalable, and a low-cost way to deliver websites and web applications. AWS also allows you to elastically scale you website to meet demand, pay only for what you sue and still allows you to choose the website server and software of your choice.

Other features offered by Amazon Web Services are auto scaling and elastic load balancing which allows Cloud Instances to be programmed to increase processing power or failover in case of a disaster. Architectures can be designed to be highly Fault tolerant and reliable. Along with its EC2, AWS offers services like S3, which serves as their Cloud Storage Infrastructure, with this you can have buckets scale automatically as and when the loads increase. Other features include but not limited to SES, SNS, SQS, WorkSpaces, allow you to orchestrate the Application Processes in a neat and efficient manner.


Amazon Web Services offers a low-cost storage solution for Cloud archiving. Choose from a selection of services to meet your retrieval time, cost, redundancy, and location of storage needs. AWS also allows you to keep multiple copies of your data automatically, integrates well with any existing archiving software and also allows you to encrypt your data to keep it safe.

High Performance Computing

Amazon Web Services allows you to increase your speed of research by running high performance computing in the cloud by providing instant access to Cluster Compute, or Cluster GPU, servers, a no up-front cost payment model, and a global infrastructure to use. The benefits are not limited to but include; pay only for what you use, collaborate with your colleagues and utilize a high performance network between nodes.

We are passionate about Cloud computing and AWS shares the same feelings. Our Certified Engineers will be able to guide and advise you about solutions and services your application might need to run, along with providing cost effective architectures for your Infrastructure.