What is Google Workspace & How you can Migrate/Transition to Google Workspace

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You may already have heard about recent changes from Google regarding the change in name for their G Suite plans.

This Is I think their 4th rebranding of Google’s productivity suite.

Let’s do a quick recap before we dive into Google Workspace.

Google’s productivity suite is their application which allows you to have Industry Standard Business Emails, Online Storage, Collaboration with Team Members, Online Video Conferencing along with around 50 other applications making it the Suite of Applications which was previously known as G Suite.

Long ago, the solution was called Google Apps, then later rebranded to Google for Work, then again changed to G Suite and now it is called Google Workspace.

The rebranding reflects the advancement in solutions provided to its consumers from Google and I believe the core strategy of Google with frequent name changes is to reflect its Brand Identity in line with the new and modern features Google brings onto its platform.

Name changes in the Cloud World is not new and even Microsoft does the same with its Office 365 product.

When Microsoft had launched the first edition of Office 365 back in 2013 (6 years after Google launched the first enterprise version of Google Apps) they were named as Office 2013, then later they rebranded themselves as Office 365 and now recently prefer calling their Productivity Solution as Microsoft 365.

Probably Gulf Infotech is the first Cloud Solution Provider to have a long-standing Partnership with Microsoft in the Middle East having deep experience with both the platform. This gives us the ability, skills and caliber to be a subject matter expert on the topics of Cloud especially when it comes to the Google & Microsoft Solutions.

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What is Google Workspace?

The answer to this is fairly simply, I had mentioned this very briefly earlier on in this blog but in this section, I’ll take the discussion even further.

G Suite is Google Workspace.

This is a brand change and a change in the positioning of the product.

Today, email solutions and communication are saturated, people don’t like receiving emails and you don’t usually receive a prompt response over emails even if it is an internal email, the response will be greatly delayed.

Back in 2009 when Gulf Infotech was spreading its wings as a Cloud Solutions Provider in Oman & UAE, we saw great demand in Email Solutions and back then the product Google Apps was also positioned as an Email Solution which had multiple other Add Ons helping businesses with their communication requirements.

Corporates relied heavily on Email Communication for their Internal & External transactions and the adoption of Google Apps was MASSIVE.

We at Gulf Infotech were able to on board about 150 new customers in a short span of 3 years since starting off in 2009.

As the market requirements changed, Google added more features and updated its branding with a name matching the solution it provided.
On October 6th, 2020 Javier Soltero, Vice President for Google Workspace, then known as G Suite announced the new change in brand and explained why the change was important to keep Google’s Productivity Solution in trend with Market Requirements.

What are the advantages of Google Workspace?

The change in name was not just a vanity change, with this change from G Suite to Google Workspace, Google wants to positively impact the efficiency of users irrespective of the location they work from.

The concept Google Workspace now revolves around Collaboration & Teamwork.

Google has integrated multiple of its applications and has now packaged it under the most commonly used solution, Gmail.

Based on adoption studies conducted by Gulf Infotech, we see that many customers and users limit the use of Google Workspace (Formerly known as G Suite) to Gmail.

Many are not aware of the advanced functionalities available within Google’s Productivity Package and lost out on features which otherwise would have allowed them to save some time.

Google’s answer to this was to club a few of its core applications directly within Gmail so that the user does not have to open other Google solutions to use it.

Now, Google Workspace incorporates Google Drive, Co-Editing of Documents, Calendars, Tasks and other features from its suite of applications directly within the Gmail Interface.

New features are being worked on as I’m writing this blog and as you read along this article.

Updates and Innovation is at core of Google’s DNA when it comes to solving problems.

With Google Workspace you will benefit from an Integrated Workspace to do all your work without changing tabs or switching browsers and windows.

Google Workspace also extends advanced features which was previously only available on the G Suite Enterprise plans to many of the lower plans from under its package.

How can you Migrate or Transition to Google Workspace?

Google Workspace was launched with a total of 6 plans under two Solution Families.

We have the following plans under Google Workspace,

Business Family (Under 300 Users)

  • Google Workspace Business Starter
  • Google Workspace Business Standard
  • Google Workspace Business Plus

Enterprise Family (Above 300 Users)

  • Google Workspace Enterprise Essentials
  • Google Workspace Enterprise Standard
  • Google Workspace Enterprise Plus

Switching to a Google Workspace plan is easy and you can make the move by contacting your current Google Partner, Directly to Google or by reaching out to us at Gulf Infotech.

We understand making the switch maybe a little confusing and for this reason we have developed an Instant Plan Finder for Google Workspace using which you can easily identify the Google Workspace plan best suitable for your requirements.

Simply click on the above link and go through our custom-built Instant Plan Finder.

As Gulf Infotech has been a Strategic Google Partner for many years now, we will be able to help you with detailed analysis of your current plan and when compared to the new Google Workspace plans.

You may also schedule a meeting with us by clicking on the below Link and we will be happy to have a one-on-one discussion with you regarding your Google Workspace Migration Journey.

Feel free to leave your comments below and let us know how you plan to make the most by Migrating from G Suite to Google Workspace.

Until our next blog, take care, stay safe and let us know if you need anything Cloud!

This blog was written by Yahya Zakir Sait and you can reach out to him over connect@gulfinfotech.com.

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