VAT in Oman: Overview & VAT Compliant Software with Zoho Books

Value Added Tax, this is the tax Oman (VAT in Oman) is going to implement in the country starting from 16th April 2021.

The Sultanate of Oman will join hands with other brotherly countries like UAE, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia in implementing VAT following Royal Decree No. 121/2020.

You may be wondering how would an article on VAT by a Cloud Solutions Provider like Gulf Infotech help?

The reason for publishing this article is that we at Gulf Infotech have branches in Oman, UAE & Qatar and we have had first hand experience in implementing VAT for our UAE Entity in 2018, the year in which VAT was introduced for the first time within the GCC.

I’m splitting this article into a few parts for easy reading and understanding. Let’s get started and understand how a proper implementation of VAT can help your Business in navigating legal compliance and complexities.

What is VAT?

VAT is short for Value Added Tax and it is a kind of tax which has been around for many years and in many countries.

Many countries charge VAT at amounts ranging from 10% to 20% however the Government of the Sultanate of Oman has kept VAT at a low amount of 5%.

This will be added over and above the price of goods and services purchased within the Sultanate of Oman.

Is VAT Applicable on All Items within Oman?

Keeping in mind the general household and to support the people of the country, VAT in Oman is not applicable on essential food items and this will be Zero-Rated. A list towards the items exempted from VAT is provided at the Oman Tax Authority and can be found by clicking here.

Is there an Official Source of Information on VAT Implementation in Oman

VAT is directly handled by the Tax Authority in Oman and a detailed guide towards understanding VAT and it’s law can be found here,


How to Implement VAT in Oman?

Taxation is a complicated factor and having a Specialized Accounting Software compatible with VAT is highly important and will help you navigate through the following easily,

  • Charge VAT to Customers Efficiently
  • Calculate the Amount of VAT in Local Currency
  • Get Easy Reports on VAT Payables
  • Understand Revenue within Company Excluding VAT
  • Easily handle Payment Reminders to Improve Cash Flow
  • Collect Online Payments through seamless Payment Gateway

Having the ability to achieve and execute on the above features and functionalities is one of our expertise at Gulf Infotech, who has been locally present in Oman for over 12 years and have been a leading Cloud Solutions Provider in Oman with experience in helping companies of various sizes and requirements.

The Best VAT accounting software in Oman

I was going through an article published in a leading UAE based newspaper a few months ago. The article showed an analysis on the most widely used VAT Software in UAE.

The top spot for the most widely used VAT Software in UAE was taken by Zoho Books, a product of Zoho and the solution we ourselves use at Gulf Infotech.

Based on personal experience and the expertise we have gained by deploying, training and configuring Zoho Books across multiple companies in the region we firmly believe that Zoho Books is a wonderful VAT Software when it comes to handling VAT related transactions for Oman.

Why Zoho Books?

VAT and it’s regulations in each country is different and Zoho Books has been configured and built specifically in line with the Oman VAT Laws.

Zoho has done this in the past for the VAT Implementation in UAE, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain and now with VAT being implemented in Oman, Zoho Books has launched a Special VAT Accounting Software in Oman.

Vat Accounting Software in Oman, Zoho Books

Having a tailor made VAT accounting Software is very expensive, that’s where Zoho Books and it’s Oman Version comes into play in order to help businesses be VAT Compliant while not worrying about expensive Software.

How will Zoho Books help in being VAT accounting software in Oman

Zoho has been in the Accounting Software business for many years now and we at Gulf Infotech have been using Zoho Books for our internal accounting and taxation purposes since 2014.

Zoho’s expertise in developing a stable, easy to use and mobile friendly accounting software has been exceptionally good and its adaptability to the various country specific accounting policies has been a value add for its customers.

Zoho Books was one of the leading VAT Compliant Account Software used by businesses in UAE, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain when VAT was implemented in 2018.

Adapting its software to handle Omani VAT Laws was a task which the Zoho Team has beautifully achieved and has now launched it to the general public.

You can get a 14 Days Free Trial for the Oman Version of Zoho Books by clicking here.

Signing up for a 14 Days Free Trial of Zoho Books with Oman VAT Features

You can try the solution for 14 Days for Free by clicking on the below Free Trial Link

In this section, I’ll guide you how you can set up the free trial or your full version in a way that you get the Oman Version of Zoho Books.
VAT Accounting Software Signup
Since Zoho has multiple versions of Zoho Books across the world, it is very important that you select the correct version of Zoho Books when you sign up for the trial or paid account.

Step 1: Visit the Registration Form

Click on the following link to get Zoho Books.

Step 2: Update the Fields

While Signing Up make sure to enter the following fields accurately as these can not be changed at a later time,

Portal Name: This is the name of your company, you can add your Full Legal Name of the company or it’s short name. We can later change the Name of your Company within the Organization Profile located within the Zoho Books Settings

Standard Fields: Email Address & Password can be added as per your requirements. The email address needs to be accurate as you will need to verify this in order to activate your Zoho Books Account. You would need to add your Phone Number for records.

Location/Country: This is the most important selection on this form. In order for you to get the Oman Version of Zoho Books, it is important that you select the country as Oman. This setting can not be changed later and you need to be careful while selecting this option.

That’s all! You are now ready to start using your Zoho Books account which is VAT Compliant in Oman.

How can Gulf Infotech help with the VAT Implementation in Oman?

Gulf Infotech has been a Zoho Partner for over 12 years along with being partners with other leading Cloud Providers. 

Zoho has been in our DNA and through Zoho Books we have achieved many of our customers requirements.

We at Gulf Infotech can provide advisory, consultancy and deployment services over Zoho Books in order to make the solution customized to your business needs and requirements.

Having our Local Presence and expertise in VAT Laws through our Audit Partner Team we are able to help businesses in identifying the VAT requirements of your organization and implementing a VAT Compliant Accounting Software through Zoho Books.

Let me know your thoughts on the VAT Implementation in Oman in the comments section and start a discussion with Gulf Infotech.

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