How to Select the Best Google Workspace Plan for your Business

In our previous Blog we discussed how G Suite changed to Google Workspace and also briefly touched upon the advantages you will get as a customer when you switch from G Suite to Google Workspace.

Before we discuss the Best Google Workspace Plan for your Business let’s first discuss some of the frequently asked questions that customers have asked us at Gulf Infotech.

Are there any additional charges to transition from G Suite to Google Workspace?

No, There isn’t. You can easily switch from G Suite to Google Workspace by simply contacting the Google team or us here at Gulf Infotech. The Switch and migration procedure to Google workspace is seamless.

Will there be any downtime or disruption to our Emails when we migrate from G Suite to Google Workspace?

No, the procedure is seamless and there won’t be any downtime or disruptions faced during the change.

What happens to our business data when you migrate from G Suite to Google workspace?

Everything remains as it is and there is no impact to your data provided you transition to a Google Workspace plan having equivalent features to your current G Suite plan. For help with identifying the plan best suited for your needs, try out our instant plan finder here.

Details on Google Workspace Plans & Quick Comparison with G Suite Plans

G Suite as a solution consisted of three plans as follows,

  • G Suite Basic
  • G Suite Business
  • G Suite Enterprise

With the change from G Suite to Google Workspace, Google has reworked their offering and features available under each plan and now provides 6 plans instead of the previously provided 3 plans.

The objective of increasing the number of plans by Google is to help extend important features on the Google Platform at lower price points.

For example, the Recording Feature on Google Meet was only available within G Suite Enterprise and this made it difficult for Small & Medium Businesses to benefit from the Recording Feature G Suite Enterprise was offered at $25/User/Month previously.

Google Workspace has extended the Recording Capabilities along with other features required by businesses of varied sizes under the lower lever bundles as well with their strategy with Google Workspace.

Lets deep dive into all the plans and it’s features,

Business Family

The set of plans within the Business Family are either for the entry level business who needs solutions to get started or for businesses who have under 300 users for whom the tools required to manage data are not extensive.

Google Workspace Business Starter

This is Google’s lowest priced plan, and the features are very similar to their previous solution provided at the same price point G Suite Basic.

Google Workspace Business Starter is available for businesses under 300 users and has a price point of $6/User/Month.

Offers under Google Workspace Business Starter are highly limited however you may reach out to us and we will workout something lucrative for your Business.

The plan Google Workspace Business Starter has the following feature,

  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • 30 GB of Storage
  • Google Meet
  • Google Chat
  • Other Basic Google Workspace features
  • Similar to G Suite Basic

Price $6/User/Month

Offer: Available on a Case-to-Case Basis

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